I am a London-based therapist specialising in individual therapy, couples therapy, sex therapy and fertility therapy.


For over twenty years, I have been bringing emotional insight to my work with couples and individuals. My ethos is to provide clients with the tools they need to discover their own internal resources and to develop their emotional resilience. Gaining clarity allows my clients to make better and more informed choices for themselves and within their relationships.

I began my training at the LMG (now the Tavistock Institute) and since then, I have followed a path which has taken an eclectic mix of psycho-dynamic, psychoanalytical, behavioural and mindfulness practice, allowing me to meet the needs of clients in ways best suited to their particular issues and personalities.

My sessions focus on issues concerning relationships, sexual problems and issues of fertility, IVF and miscarriage. I work with clients both long and short term, offering counselling and support in person, online, by phone or Skype — I am happy to adjust my working style to meet the needs of each client.

I believe that professional development both as individual and therapist is an intrinsic part of what I do, so I continue to study throughout my working life. 


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